sri building forensics and expert testimony

Building Forensics and Expert Testimony

Assisting with Investigations and Supportive Data.

SRI has been investigating building envelope failures for decades. Our specialized knowledge and vast experience in this field allow SRI to triage a situation quickly and provide a plan to move forward. We have conducted investigations in all corners of North America. We can be very discrete on-site during investigations. Conversely, we can make our presence known to calm down a tense political issue. In some cases, just letting the opposing side(s) know SRI has been retained has defused tense situations after an envelope failure. Our time tested reputation for conducting detailed investigations and providing answers that are reliable and based on facts is at that professional level.

building forensics

In those situations, where legal action is required or threatened, SRI is your top choice for expert testimony. We have provided testimony in cases of alleged installation error, design errors, material defects, manufacturing defects, building code violations, contract issues, bonding disputes, insurance coverage claims, hail damage, biological growth (mold), moisture intrusion, ice injuries, wind damage, fire damage, structural failures, and others. We speak the language of these legal claims and know the tricks and games the opposing side will play. SRI has provided the lead expert witness or worked in multidisciplinary teams on cases. Our expert case and testimony experience range from the simple cases, all the way to multiple federal class action cases with damage claims into the billions of dollars.

In addition to expert testimony, SRI regularly provides services in the case of mediation and arbitrations.

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